Thursday, July 22, 2010

Transient Takes Over Empty Bar: "Whattaya have, pal?"

Hey! Give him credit for creativity....

The Host with the Most, "Bar Owner" Travis Kevie
(from Placer County sheriff's deputies say a man who opened a bar not only didn't have a license to serve booze but also didn't own the saloon.

Detective Jim Hudson read a newspaper article in the Auburn Journal that stated Travis Lloyd Kevie (photo above), 29, was the new owner of the Valencia Club on Taylor Road in Penryn. Hudson said he recognized Kevie as a "transient" whom deputies knew well.

Hudson was aware that the Valencia Club had previously closed its doors and the liquor license had been surrendered to the state.

So the curious detective went to the bar where patrons were bellied up to the bar to find out if Kevie had a new license, according to a Sheriff's Department news release.

Hudson said he soon found out that there was no liquor license and Kevie, who had once worked on a clean-up crew for the previous owner, had no legal rights to the property.

Deputies said Kevie admitted that he broke into building and on Friday night threw an "Open" sign in the window. Soon, he was pouring for thirsty customers, deputies said.

Like other savvy business owners, he re-invested profits in the business: Kevie started with a six-pack of beer purchased from a convenience store across the street and used the proceeds from bar customers to buy more alcohol, deputies said.

He kept the bar open through the weekend, serving about 30 customers a day, deputies said.

Kevie was arrested on suspicion of burglary and selling alcohol without a license, deputies said.

A large amount of alcohol and cash was confiscated at the scene, the release states.

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