Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Mad Men" Cocktail Quiz

I'm a big fan of AMC's "Mad Men", the 1960's cigarette smoking, cocktail guzzling ad agency drama. How well do you know the cocktail culture on the show? Here's a quiz, see how you do? (Thanks to Joanne Sasvari, Postmedia News)

1. What previously obscure spirit skyrocketed to popularity in the Mad Men era?

(a) Absinthe

(b) Cachaca

(c) Vodka

(d) Bourbon

2. Traditionally, vodka was not used in which of the following drinks:

(a) Bull Shot

(b) Martini

(c) Caesar

(d) Cosmopolitan

3. In Season 1, department store heiress Rachel Menken sips a fancy tropical concoction. 'That's quite a drink,' Don Draper tells her. We agree. Which of the following did not create the rum-based drinks that had 1960s North America going cuckoo for tiki?

(a) Don the Beachcomber

(b) Don Ho

(c) Donn Beach

(d) "Trader Vic" Bergeron

4. Tiki is making a comeback. Which of the following is not a tiki drink?

(a) Boo Loo

(b) Coco Mojo

(c) Honi Honi

(d) Pu Pu

5. In Season 1, Roger Sterling has a memorable lunch of vodka martinis and oysters. Vodka is a classic pairing with the bivalves, but so are all the following except:

(a) Chardonnay

(b) Sherry

(c) Chablis

(d) Champagne

6. Don Draper's spirit of choice is Canadian Club whisky. What style of whisky is CC?

(a) Bourbon

(b) Rye

(c) Scotch

(d) Blend

7. In Season 3, Don Draper teaches his daughter Sally how to make his favourite cocktail, the old fashioned. Here's how:

(a) Shake lemon juice, sugar and gin, top with soda.

(b) Stir whisky with sweet vermouth and bitters.

(c) Muddle maraschino cherries, orange slices, whisky, sugar and bitters, top with soda.

(d) Muddle mint leaves, lime wedges, sugar and rum, top with soda.

8. At an uncomfortable dinner party in the city, Betty Draper overindulges in gimlets. What is in a gimlet?

(a) Gin, lime cordial, sugar.

(b) Gin, dry vermouth, pickled onions.

(c) Gin, lemon juice, ginger beer.

(d) Gin, lime, mint, sugar, soda.

9. Which of the following was not a popular drink in the 1960s?

(a) Brandy Alexander

(b) Cosmopolitan

(c) Harpoon

(d) White Russian

10. On Mad Men, liquor and bad behaviour go hand in hand. Which of the following has happened on the show?

(a) At a post-work bash in the Sterling Cooper office, employees fill the water cooler with crème de menthe. Sexual harassment ensues.

(b) Ken Cosgrove drives a John Deere lawn mower through the office and over a colleague's foot, severing it and the man's future in one boozy move.

(c) At his annual Kentucky Derby party, Roger Sterling sings in blackface while his young bride falls down drunk.

(d) An intoxicated Don Draper, driving with his lover beside him, crashes his new Cadillac. Peggy comes to his rescue.

(e) None of the above.

(f) All of the above.

So, how did you do?  For the answers, click HERE for the original Vancouver Sun article. 

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