Sunday, July 25, 2010

Buena Vista Cafe (VIDEOCAST)

San Francisco's Buena Vista Cafe has been serving the best Irish Coffee in America since 1952. That's when the owner and a newspaper columnist brought the recipe from the Emerald Isle to this classic saloon near Fisherman's Wharf. Join me and watch this delicious whiskey and coffee concoction as it is made by the Masters.

To listen, click HERE. To download .mp3 audio, right click HERE and "save target as..."


  1. Oh yes! Finally a place that i've been to!

    Great place. Love the irish coffees here. Added bonus: this is the only place my snobby SF-native friend will patronize so close to the Wharf.

    (i myself don't mind touristy things)

  2. I'm kinda with your friend, TJ. There's the BV, Scoma's, and...that's about it. But touristy CAN be fun, too!