Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nutty Brown Cafe (VIDEOCAST)

On this episode, I'm taking you to a cool live music venue in the Texas Hill Country called the Nutty Brown Cafe. We'll talk with the owner, visit the big outdoor beer garden and stage. You'll hear some kickin' Zydeco on "N'awlins Night", I'll eat some fresh Gulf Oysters, Knock back a few cold ones at their great little bar, and you'll meet the resident Macaw named Cheeto.

To listen to .mp3 audio, click HERE. To download, right click HERE and "save target as..."

NOTE: It's been a couple of weeks since posting on the Attitude Adjustment Hour. The reason? Instead of the slideshow, I'm producing VIDEO episodes. The audio will still be available (through the HERE link above, and iTunes and iPhone), but FYI: the podcast audio is the same as the video.

It's all a work-in-progress, I'm still slow and low on the learning curve, but please send me your feedback and tell me what you think of the new vid-cast! Thanks! -Den

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gino & Carlo (AUDIO PODCAST)

This week, we're back in San Francisco's North Beach, this time at a local's hangout named Gino and Carlo, which just so happens to be my Favorite Bar in the World. You'll meet some of the owners, who will share hilarious tales from 50 years of bar business. A great group of Italians, and one surly Irishman, thrown in just for kicks.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


If you love tequila, you're gonna love this episode! We're heading out to a Mexican restaurant in San Francisco's Richmond District where I’m gonna introduce you to Tomas Bermejo, a man who personifies the immigrant success story, and we’ll hear from his son, Julio, who has become America’s Ambassador of Tequila.

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