Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Road Soldiers (AUDIO PODCAST)

Did you ever hear the term "road soldier"? Well, down here in Texas, that would be one of the nicknames for a can of beer, "hidden" in a brown paper sack, available ice cold and ready...for the highway?!

If you walk into almost any gas station convenience store in Texas, you'll be greeted by an assortment of iced-down Tall Boys, ready for the road.

Here is the "Baptist Bag" on a 24 ounce beer.  As you can see, the bag makes that brew virtually invisible.

These old cowboys probably won't end the party after they leave the bar.  Down in Texas, the pick-up truck was (and, to some, still is) a rolling extension of the saloon.

Anyone for a Daquiri to go?  Then head for Louisiana!

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beers lookin' at you, kid... (AUDIO PODCAST)

Who's ready for a cold one? In this episode, I babble on (and on and on...) about all things beer. We're going to discuss old ad campaigns for some classic brews, make a case for watery Lager-style beers, and make a plea to keep fruit out of my bottle of suds.

Was the Hamm's Bear targeted towards the kiddies? Do you remember the jingle? "From the land of sky blue waters...." 

If she wasn't a Dodgers fan, I'd love her even more!  "When you're having more than one..."

A big caguama ("sea turtle") of Corona, and a fridge full of Coronitas. They don't sell the Familiar here in the States, only the Extra

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Smitty's Market (AUDIO PODCAST)

I love me some BBQ!  In this episode, join me on a road trip to Lockhart, the "Barbeque Capitol of Texas".  I had lunch at Smitty's Market, delicious Texas-style 'Q, and I hope the slideshow makes you drool!

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


In this episode of the AA Hour, we discuss a phenomenon of the past...the bar or tavern that opens at 6 AM. I'll tell you about working in San Francisco's Chinatown with a delivery driver who (to say the least) likes a morning bracer or two (or eight). And in the early '70's, there we're plenty of spots open in the wee hours.

Now, imagine navigating this:

Through streets like this:

How do you cope?  Well, SOME would stop at a place like THIS:

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Welcome to the Attitude Adjustment Hour! (AUDIO PODCAST)

Smitty's Market, Lockhart, Texas- BBQ Capital of the World

Hey, everybody!  Welcome to the Attitude Adjustment Hour- a (hopefully) Happy Hour for your ears.  What I really want to accomplish with the AA Hour is to share my podcasts with you.  My thoughts might seem a bit scattershot, I start off with a basic topic about things I love: booze, food, roadtrips, and the like. But I'll go off the road and take you down a side alley with something barely releated to the main theme. 

In future episodes I’ll take you to places like Smitty’s Market- see that picture up there? That is one of Texas’ best BBQ joints (arguably one of the best in the entire U.S.). We’re going to journey all over Central Texas, down to New Orleans, back home to San Francisco, hit the Big Apple, and all points in between, hitting bars, beer joints, dancehalls, BBQ joints, steak houses, just drinking and eating and enjoying life along the way. Hope you take that ride with me.

Hopefully, I’m not writin’ checks with my podcast that my ass can’t cash. (a lil’ Texas-ism fer y’all there…)

This blog page will be a constant work-in-progress. I’ll work on making future shows downloadable so you can listen on the run. I’ll be buggin’ the hell out of my Tech Guru,’s Brian Cooley, until I get this thing right…hopefully, he can keep me off the soft shoulder...

So, as them Cajuns say “Bon Ton Roulez”….Let the good times roll!

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