Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Road Soldiers (AUDIO PODCAST)

Did you ever hear the term "road soldier"? Well, down here in Texas, that would be one of the nicknames for a can of beer, "hidden" in a brown paper sack, available ice cold and ready...for the highway?!

If you walk into almost any gas station convenience store in Texas, you'll be greeted by an assortment of iced-down Tall Boys, ready for the road.

Here is the "Baptist Bag" on a 24 ounce beer.  As you can see, the bag makes that brew virtually invisible.

These old cowboys probably won't end the party after they leave the bar.  Down in Texas, the pick-up truck was (and, to some, still is) a rolling extension of the saloon.

Anyone for a Daquiri to go?  Then head for Louisiana!

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  1. Got to love the Texans and their Road Soldiers. Another good one Dennis, keep them coming. I liked the interview included...great stuff.