Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Absinthe cookies with your Cappuccino?

Absinthe, the high-alcohol, herbal, trippy-high inducing liquor, once banned, is making a comeback.  In San Francisco, in bars..and in BISCOTTI?! Check out this blog post from

Green Fairy in the Biscotti?

Before eating at the market vendors outside of the Ferry Building, we stopped by Blue Bottle, inside, to get caffeinated. But the item that caught my eye wasn’t the coffee (though it was good), but biscotti made with olive oil, sesame seeds, and absinthe from local distillery St. George Spirits. Absinthe in a cookie sounded weird for the sake of being weird, but when I tried it, it made total sense, just giving it a traditional anise flavor. The cookie itself was a little too soft and crumbly for me, but the idea behind it was creative and worked.

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