Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beer Saver Bottle Caps Save Your Suds

My question is: if you've already downed 11 brews, why wouldn't you finish off #12? You're gonna save that half a beer for later?  Really? Just asking....

(from IndyPosted.com) "For those times a beer drinker just can’t finish #12 of a twelve pack of beer, Beer Savers from Beer Interactive has launched a new silicone bottle cap.

This is the world’s first silicone bottle cap for bottles. There are six different colors of Beer Savers. For parties where keeping track of a beer is a hassle they can be used as a beer charm.

Beer Savers will keep the bubbles bubbling longer after popping the original cap. They are have a snug fitting inner rim that helps keep the beer’s bubbles from escaping.

Beer Savers can also be used to keep bugs and drugs out of the adult beverage of choice for billions of people around the world."

Okay..."bugs AND drugs"?! Where inna hell are you drinking? A dive bar in Colombia? Jeez...

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