Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pickle Back

(sung to the tune of "Sexy Back")

"I'm drinking Pickle Back
I down a few, I don't know how to act
This drink is special, please dont talk no smack
One and you're hooked, it is like liquid crack

Take 'em to the bar...."

(from mnn.com)  Pickle juice makes a natural substitute for olive juice in a dirty martini and a pleasingly sour addition to a Bloody Mary. The folks at artisanal pickle company McClure Pickles recently launched a Bloody Mary Mix that gets its spicy kick from the company's own cayenne and habanero pepper-laced brine.

The Pickle Back - a shot of whiskey followed immediately by a shot of pickle brine - is another drink that has gained favor at hipster-friendly bars. Downing one (or three) is an "only the strong survive" kind of experience, but devotees swear that brine makes the perfect neutralizer for whiskey's burn. Luckily, according to Linda Ziedrich's "The Joy of Pickling" (2009), pickle juice doubles as its own hangover cure: "(In Poland, hangover sufferers) fill a glass with equal parts chilled pickle brine and ice-cold club soda, and drink the mixture down at once."

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