Tuesday, August 10, 2010

City Council Drinking Game Arrest

You heard of the drinking games where you watch a movie or TV show, and everytime someone on-screen says or does a particular thing, you take a sip of your beverage, usually beer. Here's an example from the website "DrinkingGames.com":

James Bond Drinking Game

You put on a James Bond Film. Any generation... Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, or the most recent!

Every time someone says "James" drink twice.
Every time someone says "Bond" drink twice.
Every time someone says "James Bond" drink half a beer.

Can be quite amusing, especially when our hero says "My name is Bond, James Bond"

I definitely wouldn't try this one with martinis, shaken OR stirred. Stick to beer, or you'll

But in New Hampshire, two audience members at a City Council meeting took the drinking game to a new, stupid level. Here's the story:

Two audience members were arrested for allegedly playing a drinking game during a city council meeting in Keene, N.H., the local paper reports. The meeting was to discuss loosening up the city's law against open containers of alcohol in public. The men, who reportedly had containers labeled "Not A Beer," would sip whenever there was a unanimous vote or someone stood up.

Were they making a political point, exercising their right to protest, or are they just idiots? You make the call...

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