Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Man calls 911 for ride to liquor store

You just can't put a price on stupidity....

"I need a...I need a...a ride."

ST. JOHNS CO., Fla. (CNN) - Authorities in Florida arrested a 57-year-old man after he called 911 in hopes of hitching a ride to the liquor store.

Police say George McMurrain actually called officers twice Saturday night to ask for a ride to buy alcohol.

Here is a transcription of his call:

Dispatcher: "This is 911."
Suspect: "I need a, I need a -- a ride."

Dispatcher: "You need a ride?"
Suspect: "Yes, to the liquor store."

Dispatcher: "Um."
Suspect: "Sheriff said she'd give me a ride."

Dispatcher: "OK, you're going to have to call somebody else, sir. You called 911. We can't come give you a ride."
Suspect: "Even the sheriff said she'd give me a ride."

Dispatcher: "The sheriff said they'd give you a ride to the liquor store?"
Suspect: "That's correct."

Dispatcher: "Wrong."

Officers picked up McMurrain at a local hotel and carted him off to jail. He's charged with misusing 911.

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