Monday, August 9, 2010

Booze Popsicles All the Rage

I'm waiting for an Absinthe-laced Sno-Cone, or a Malibu Rum Eskimo Pie, but until then...

Frozen things with liquor suddenly hot in Dallas

(from DALLAS — It being summer, and summer being hot, bars and restaurants are making cold items and publications are writing about them.

Among the "ways to cool off" roundups circulating this week emerge three unusual items that combine frozen ingredients with liquor. They call them "adult" versions. Because "adults" like booze.

1. Booze popsicles. As noted by D, The Quarter Bar has devised booze pops, available on the rooftop bar Friday and Saturday nights, with varying kinds of liquor.

2. Liquor-laced shaved ice. Twisted Root did alcohol-infused shaved ice first, but as noted by Christopher Wynn, the latest place to combine liquor and shaved ice is LaGrange. Their most popular flavors are 1. "Doctor Pepper," with root beer syrup and Jameson Irish Whiskey, and 3. "Cherry Bomb," with cherry syrup, Rose's lime juice, and Absolut Citron vodka.

3. Booze ice cream. FD Luxe has an item on the liquored-up ice cream at Charlie Palmer at the Joule. Flavors include Bailey's chocolate chip and Guinness dark chocolate peanut butter.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for the shout out! We hope to see you this weekend to try out a Booze Pop for yourself. It's a great way to beat the heat!