Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Liar’s Dice and a Vote for Pedro (AUDIO PODCAST)

San Francisco has had gambling in its history since the Gold Rush days. In this episode, I'll take you to some of the Bay Area’s racetracks, past and present. We’ll talk to some native San Franciscans about their memories of bar dice, bookies, Chinatown Lotteries, poker games in barbershop back rooms, and a card game called Pedro (pronounced “PEE-dro”).

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  1. was sad to see Bay Meadows go...

  2. It was a fun track, wasn't it? At times, REAL busy. Other times, sadly, a ghost town.

    That said: if you hit SoCal, head for Arcadia and Santa Anita. Pay a couple of extra $ and sit in the restaurant, table service, beers, good grub. A jewel!