Wednesday, December 2, 2009

La Carafe, Houston (AUDIO PODCAST)

In this episode of the AA Hour, we head to a revitalized downtown Houston, Texas. I’ll take you to the oldest bar in town, in a building that looks like it could topple over at any second. And you’ll meet the character that runs the joint. Great old bar, great bartender, great times in Old Houston!

To listen, click HERE.  And to download, right click and "save target as...."


  1. Den, enjoyed this also. You make all the places sound fun and special. Want to go to Houston now to visit some of the places you talked about. Thanks for the entertaining pieces. Keep them coming.

  2. Thanks, brother! Roadtrip- baseball season! Giants vs 'stros. You go and I'll meet you and buy you a few. But not that damned $18,000 bottle of vino!