Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Broadway, North Beach, Part 2" (VIDEOCAST)

We're back on Broadway, in San Francisco's North Beach, as former saloon keeper, and author of "Broadway North Beach- the Golden Years", Dick Boyd introduces us to his nightclub, Pierre's. He'll share a few behind-the-scenes stories about changes in The City's adult-entertainment area. We'll meet his first waitress (and hooker's right's advocate, Margo St. James).  And we'll hear about a band of women who have a popularity having almost nothing to do with their musical talents. 

To listen, click HERE.  To download .mp audio, right click HERE, and "save target as..."


  1. whoa, for some reason i wasn't getting your updates and now i have quite a bit of the AA Hour to catch up upon for my lunch break...

    hope all is well w/you, Dennis! found the AA Hour on facebook, couldn't find you though

  2. TJ- I'm on there. Dennis Cruz. Picture holding a beer. Same one from AAHour. If you "ilke" the AAH page, I'll find you. -D